Tuesday, April 15, 2014


a sequence of synchronicities. lead me to take a semester off of nursing school. which lead me to go on a meditation retreat in Vermont. that changed everything! which lead me to a person. who mentioned a store. where i was handed a flyer. with the name of a certain woman and her number. the same woman who's name had been given to me a year ago by a friend. though i had been unable to contact her before. as her name was mistakenly misspelled. and the crinkled piece of paper it had once been written. had since gone missing. only later discovering this woman is a nurse. who teaches a course on holistic energy medicine
...so i called her. which lead me to register for the first level of the course. completing it over the weekend. and falling in love with it so much so. i registered for the second level this afternoon. which lead me to review tonight some of the material i had already learned. that lead me to a poem. wedged in between my notes. i must have skipped over before. and as i share it here. who knows but only to trust this beloved flow that has carried me to now. and where it will lead to next. i can only imagine. how amazing it will be. how enchanting it's already been. the poem reads:

-Hopi Elders. Oraibi Arizona 2001
to my fellow swimmers
here is a river flowing now very fast
it is so great and swift 
that there are those who will be afraid
who will try to hold onto the shore
they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly 
know that the river has its destination
the elders say we must let go of the shore
push off into the middle of the river
and keep our heads above water
and i say, see who is there with you and celebrate
at this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. least of all ourselves
for the moment we do
 our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt
the time of the lone wolf is over
gather yourselves
banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and vocabulary
all that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration
for we are the ones we have been waiting for

Sunday, April 6, 2014

in. sight

home: the oneness the world so profoundly craves to feel. a kind of mysterious and ever illusive security sought in the experience of falling in love. though only an illusion this is. a fantasy we've adopted as real. created by the mind to evade feeling the brilliant ecstasy of our true selves. as our own heart. is our home. an internal sanctuary that connects us to our inherit oneness. and in this way the 'other' is not needed at all. though sometimes a person is simply placed in our path to help us remember ...the way the night helps the stars remember to shine

Sunday, February 16, 2014


“ah ha moments”. the tiny pieces of light that shine through a moment of clarity. when the puzzle pieces flawlessly collide. and even just for an instant. out of the blue. the picture makes sense. snapshots of rare lightening disappearing as quickly as they came. but that’s what i’ve always loved about them. because when they do occur. it's magical! 
so over time. naturally out of simply loving these moments as much as i do. one of my signs from the Divine has become the letters ‘AHA’ –appearing on backs of license plates mostly. billboards too. bathroom walls. though in succession with a phone call from a person i randomly just thought about. or as a song begins to play with lyrics tailor-made for that second. is it really coincidence? or…
the miraculous fine print of life. always accessible to experience
discovering that it's not so much about 'what' you believe
but only that you believe at all
and if open
grace infintely speaks back

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hello new year

here's to living fearlessly
 tasting pretty thoughts
and remaining centered
beauty rushing through my hands
its the stuff you can't waste in advance
as if you had never misapplied a single moment
unspoiled and perfect each piece continues to fall
i can't wait!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


we’re golden. kindred spirits. unscrewing the stars. me the empress. and you. well you. the king of course. promising myself a thousand years ago i would remember who you were. never could i forget this feeling. both terrifying and strange. we meet again now in the middle. led by the angels. though to us we know them only as friends. so avoid concern. and all worry with deciding today. as it’s always been meant to be. only in such freedom. may we know love 

Saturday, December 21, 2013


 raised on disco naps. and the deep soul of the south. she would say keep your heart always full with great love. and pay attention to the things that make no sense. as it's here where the magic anchors itself. i’ve always had a weakspot for such unruly lessons. it's why we love at all. so the tastebuds of the spirit be satisfied. a timeless anecdote for all the parts made of gold. and somehow you just know. that you've known forever

Thursday, November 28, 2013

what if...

what if inside each person was a little child (the God part of us) and our whole purpose in life was to protect and nurture that piece of ourselves as if we were our own mother or father. helping anyone else that crosses our path to know and feel the God part of their spirit too. just a little thought!

...i am most thankful today for love. the love i feel for myself -the God part of me. the love i carry for my family almost overwhelmingly so. and the love i feel for life. and God. and love itself. though to my family and friends. whom accept and support me unconditionally. it is this love that continually helps me fly free. bringing me back when i'm ready to come home. rooting and grounding me while accepting my wings. it's the kind of love that propels me. lights me and helps my soul stay full. thank you! today-a momentary pause. to reflect. how blessed i am to feel such an abundant heart. and so tonight-as i close my eyes. i'll send the world a little piece of my joy. praying each person may know. even for a moment. the feeling of too much love